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Experiental Learning Programs

The method used to develop these programmes requires from every participant a high level of compromise and participation and it will be given following the Experiential Training Model, in which the participants "learn by doing" according to the cycle defined by experiencing - processing (feed back) – generalizing -application
As a whole, the programmes' goals are focused on encouraging the development and awareness of the participants towards the basic competences – within the frame of human behaviour inside organizations – that are meant to ease the personal and professional consolidation and projection in the areas of integration, ability to work in a team, people managing and leadership.

To boost one of the advantages of Experiential Learning, we encourage the idea to do it in an outdoor environment, in touch with nature to provide a different but enjoyable working environment.
The idea is to create an Adventure with series of team and individual experiences, that Mogador`s team of facilitators observe, and from which we can reflect upon, and that usually are very similar to real daily work interaction.

The goal is to improve participants talent, in the areas that the organization believes are mostly needed in the team, such as communication skills, interpersonal and intragrupal relationships, emotional intelligence, motivation capacity, leadership skills and awareness to change.

We can offer an experiencial learning adventure in any location that the client needs or requires.